Lviv Regulatory Hub – an independent analytical and advocacy center.
Our vision

Ми віримо, що сильну правову державу формують якісні та зважені рішення на всіх рівнях.

Ми переконані, що комплексні та зрозумілі регуляції забезпечують сталий розвиток.

Ми допомагаємо громадам приймати обґрунтовані рішення, політики та програми опираючись на найкращий досвід.

Наша команда застосовує лише комплексний підхід для забезпечення чесних та прозорих правил гри.

We believe that high quality and considered decisions at all levels forms strong constitutional state.

We are convinced of the comprehensive and precise regulations that ensure sustainable development.

We assist the community with making reasonable decisions, policies and programs based on the best (available) practices.

Our mission

Creation, discussion and implementation of economically feasible, balanced and effective decisions.

  • Improving the regulatory environment by providing practical assistance to the authorities and local governments in the implementation of regulatory functions.
  • Monitoring the regulatory environment, reviewing and tracking the effectiveness of existing decisions.
  • In-depth expert analysis of problems based on empirical data collected in the target context.
  • Analysis of draft decisions and existing local regulatory acts, including M-test calculations.
LRH is AN analytical and advocacy center
which promotes changes in local governments through analysis, advocacy and implementation. We share the view that the changes will be successful only when they are qualitatively implemented at each of these stages.
Hub successfully implements the best practices of anti-corruption and regulatory expertise in the state, organizes educational trainings and workshops on regulatory policy and advocacy and monitor the legal framework in the regulation field. Also we are the members of public association 'Reanimation Package of Reforms'.
We consider that qualitative changes cannot be implemented fast, it is highly significant to work gradually and organized. One of the main goals of our team during the process of analysis regulations is creating the simplest possible rules and procedures, increasing economic benefits for the city and providing safeguards to prevent systemic malversations.
For the first time the idea of creating the HUB arose in March 2016
during consultations with the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine. Ukrainian Catholic University is a powerful and independent educational institution based in Lviv. Thus, Lviv region was decided to be the pilot region for the implementation of the idea of the Hub.

Several months of concept and strategy development preceded the founding of the Hub.
Finally, Hub was officially launched in December 2016 in the form of a joint initiative of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Program 'Leadership in Economic Governance' and School of Public Management UCU with the support of Lviv Regional State Administration, Lviv Region Entrepreneurs Committee and World Bank expert Andriy Palyanytsia within the project 'Restoration and growth of financial and entrepreneurial sector of Ukraine' implemented by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).
Pavlo Sheremeta, who at that time was the head of the School of Public Management UCU, played an important role in starting the initiative since the idea was that Hub had to be launched within education institution. At the same time, students should have been involved in its work as a young, active, motivated generation with fresh views and ideas.

Taras Khavunka, who at that time was studying at the Master's program in Public Administration, became a Coordinator of the Hub.
Organization of parking system in the city
Placement of summer terraces by public catering establishments
Inventory of fixed assets and land in the amalgamated territorial communities
Fund distribution between the members of the amalgamated territorial communities
The first public presentation of the team's work took place in Lviv in December 15th. During the presentation of the Hub, Ksenia Lyapina, the Head of the State Regulatory Service of Ukraine, emphasized that the implementation of this initiative is an extremely important step aimed at changing the system by approaching decision-making and increasing the role of the public. Thus, the pilot initiative was designed to demonstrate the importance of properly shaping the regulatory environment, improving the business climate and creating positive results for local communities.
actively worked on improving the regulatory environment of the region by providing practical assistance to the authorities and local governments in implementing regulatory functions, analyzing drafts and existed local acts, including M-test calculations, developing priority proceedings that were relevant for entrepreneurs and municipalities, monitoring the regulatory environment and tracking the effectiveness of existing local decisions, sharing experience among other regions, etc.

Nowadays, the LRH team consists of 6-8 people. However, we additionally involve interns, journalists, experts and analysts in certain projects. This allows us to have the common work in several activities and moving in one direction at the same time. People are the most significant in our work process. They are the core and the basis that shapes the style of the organization and its values. The key to our success is creating the opportunity for everyone to work in comfortable conditions and supporting of self-development of each team member.
Whether You need any further information concerning any aspect of our work, feel free to contact us via mail
Sources of funding
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark - 41 995,00 EUR
  • Donation from East Europe Foundation - 430 468,00 UAH
  • Charitable contributions from entrepreneurs - 25 220.00 UAH
  • Donation from NGO "Public control platform" - 64 404.00 UAH
  • Donation from Non-Governmental Centre "Women's Perspectives" - 117 205.89 UAH
  • Donation from CIPE (Center for International Private Enterprise) - 140 250.00 UAH
  • Donation from UN Office in Ukraine (UN RPP - The United Nations Recovery and Peacebuilding Programme) - 541 478.34 UAH
  • Donation from Chemonics International (USAID Program "Competitive economy of Ukraine") - 48 153.00 UAH
    • Charitable contributions from entrepreneurs – 37 500.00 UAH
    • CPM International ("1st International Conference on Public Administration") - 69 581.11 UAH
    • Lviv regional state administration (Project – "Lviv region – smart region") - 172 558.00 UAH
    • Donation from Non-Governmental Centre "Women's Perspectives" - 196 484.71 UAH
    • Donation from NGO "Public control platform" - 216 953.00 UAH
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